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Khaled Abdallah 08-01-2015 07:46 PM

FSX crashing
Hello everybody hope u are all fine, i stopped playing fsx for about 2 months, but last week i returned to start playing it again and it crashed once i started it, the game does not even open, it gives me a fatal error problem after 1 minute of launching the game, i removed all suspicious addons and i only kept the Aerosoft and PMDG addons and it still crashes on startup. Also, i downloaded the UIAutomationCore.dll file and placed it in the fsx folder but i got no solution and the game still crashes. Hope someone has a solution for this weird situation, i have had fsx for about 4 years and it never did this problem before. Thank you in advance, Khaled

Capt.Mouath 11-01-2015 11:36 AM

Hello Khalid ..

Just do the below steps:
1- Uninstall FSX completely
2- Download this tool from Microsoft .. DOWNLOAD ..
3- Run it and after that click on Accept if required
4- Microsoft will download and install the Fix It Engine on your computer
5- Select the first option which is: "Detect problems and apply fixes for me (Recommended)" from the box
6- Click on Uninstall
7- Select the program you want to uninstall which is FSX and complete the process
8- After you finished from the tool re-install FSX from A to Z

i hope that works and everything will be fine .. enjoy
Goodluck :-)

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