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A Alpha / Able
AA - Aruba (Netherlands southern Caribbean island
A/A - air to air
AAF - Army Air Field
AAL - above airport level;
also, Aircraft Approach Limitations
AAI - Angle of Approach Indicator; also, angle of Attack Indicator
AAS - Airport Advisory Service
abm - abeam
AB - Alberta (Canada western prairie province); also, Aerodrome Beacon; also, Airbase
abt - about
abv - aboveACA Arctric Control Area
AC - Antigua, Barbuda (UK Caribbean northeastern islands)
ACC - Air Combat Command; also, Area Control Center
ACCID - notification of aircraft accident
accom - acclomodate
acft - aircraft
ACL - altimeter check locastion
ACLS - Automatic Carrier Landing System
ACN - Aircraft Classification Number
acpt - accept
act - activity
ACW - Aircraft Control and Warning
A/D - Aerodrome
ADA - Advisory Area
ADC - Aerospace Defense Command
ADCC - Air Defense Control Center
ADCF - air defense control facility
ADCUS - Advise Customs
ADDC - Air Defense Diection Center
addn - addition
ADF - Automatic Direction Finder
adj - adjacent
admin - administration
ADR - Advisory Route
advs - advise
advsy - advisory
AEIS - Aeronautical Enroute Information Service
AER - Approach End of Runway
AF - Afghanistan
AFA - Army Flight Activity
AFB - Air Force Base
afct - affect
AFFF - Aqueous Film Forming Foam
AFFSA - Air Force Flight Standards Agency
AFHP - Air Force Heliport
AFI - African/Indian Ocean (ICAO Regiom; also, Air Force Instruction
AFIL - Flight plan filed while airborne
AFIO - Authorization for Fighter Interceptor Operations
AFIS - Aerodrome Flight Information Service
aft - after
AFTN - Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
afld - Airfield
AFM - Air Force Manual
AFMC - Air Force Material Command
AFOD - US Army Flight Operations Detachment
AFR - Air Force Regulation
AFRC - Armed Forces Reserve Center
AFRC - Air Force Reserve Command
AFRS - Air Force Radio Stations
AG - Agriculture; also, Algeria (N Africa nation on Med sea)
A/G - air/ground
A-G - Arresting Gear
AGA - airfield or air routes grounnd aids
agcy - agency
A-GEAR - Arresting Gear
AGL - above ground level
agn - again
AHP - Army heliport
AIP - Aeronautical Information Publication
AIRAC - aeronautical information regulation and control
AIREP - Air Reports (Metro) in Plain Language
AIRNAVO - US Navy Air Naviation Office
AIS - Aeronautical Information Services
AJ - Azerbaijan (CIS nation on W shore of Caspian Sea)
AK - Alaska (49th USA arctic-subarctic state)
AL - Alabama (ConUS southeast state); also, Approach and Landing Chart
ALA - alighting area
ALERFA - alert phase
ALF - Auxiliary Landing Field
ALS - Approach Light System
ALSF - High Intensity ALS Category I configuration (code)
ALSF-1 - High Intensity ALS Category I configuration with sequenced Flashers (code)
ALSF-2 - High Intensity ALS Category II configuration with sequenced Flashers (code)
alt - altitude
altn - alternate
ALTRV - Altitude Reservation)
AM - Armenia (CIS nation on W shore of Caspian Sea); also, Amplitude Modulation; also, ante meridiem, midnight to noon
AMC - Air Mobility Command
amd -amend
ammo - ammunition
AMSL - Above Mean Sea Level
ANG - Air National Guard
ANGS - Air National Guard Station
ANO - Air Navigation Order
ant - antenna
AO - Angola
AOE - Airport/Aerodrome of Entry
apch - approach
apn - apron
APO - Air Force or Army Post Office
APP CON - Approach Control
Apr - April
aprx - approximate
APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
apv - approve
apvl - approval
AQ - American Samoa (DOD country code); see also AS
AR - Arkansas (ConUS south central state); also, see next
AR - Argentina (South America southern nation on Pacific Ocean); also, Aerial Refueling; also, Army Reserve; also, Air Receive
ARB - Air Reserve Base
ARC - Area of Responsibility Center
ARCAL - Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting (Canada); see also PCL (US)
ARCP - Aerial Refueling Control Point
ARCT - Air Refueling Control Time
ARFOR - Area Forecast
ARINC - Aeronautical Radio Inc.
arng - arrange
ARO - ATS Reporting Office
ARP - Airport Reference Point
arpt - airport
arr - arrive
ARS - Air Rescue Service; also, Air Reserve Station
ARSA - Airport RADAR Service Area
arsp - airspace

ARSR - Air Route Surveillance Radar
ARTC - Aiir Route Traffic Control
ARTCC - Air Route Traffic Control Center
AS - Australia (DOD country code); also, American Samoa (USA south Pacific Islands - postal code); also, Air Station
ASAP - as soon as possible
ASDA - accelerate - stop distance available
ASDE - Airport Surface Detection Equipment
asn - assign
ASL - Above Sea Level
ASOS - Automatic Surface Observating System
ASR - Airport Surveillance Radar
ASRgn - Altimeter Setting Region
ASU - Aircraft Starting Unit
AT - Air Transmit
ATA - Actual Time of Arrival
ATC - Air Traffic Control; also, Air Training Command
ATCAA - Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace
ATCC - Air Traffic Control Center
ATCOM - Air Traffic Control Cuumminications (Ship to Shore)
ATCRBS - Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATD - Actual Time of Departure; also, Along Track Distance
ATF - Automatic Terrain Following
ATFM - Air Traffic Flow Management
ATIS - Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATS - Air Traffic Service
attn - attention
ATZ - airport traffic zone
AU - Austria (Central Europe nation)
Aug - August
auth - authority
auto - automatic
AUW - All Up Weight (gross weight)
aux - auxiliary
AV - Anguilla (UK island in NE Caribbean)
AVASI - abbreviated VASI
avbl - available
avg - average
AvGas - aviation gasoline
avn - aviation
AvOil - aviation oil
avord - aviation ordnance
AWS - Automated Weather Observing System
AWS - Air Weather Service
awt - await
awy - airway
AY - Antarctica (south polar cap continent)
az - azimuth
AZ - Arizona (ConUS southwest state)
B Bravo / Baker
BA - Bahrain (mid-east nation on west shore of Persian Gulf); also, braking action
BB - Barbados (eastern-most Caribbean island nation)
BC - Botswanna (central S Africa nation)
BC - British Columbia (Canada province on Pacific Ocean); also, back course (of ILS approach)
bcn - beacon
bcst - broadcast
BD - Bermuda (UK western N Atlantic islands)
bdry - boundary
BE - Belgium (W Europe nation on N Sea)
BEQ - Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
BF - The Bahamas (northernmost Caribbean islands nation)
BG - Bangladesh (Indian nation on N short of Bay of Bengal)
BH - Belize (Central-American nation on Gulf of Honduras)
BK - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Balkan nation on Adriatic Sea)
BKN - broken
BL - Bolivia (central South America nation)
bldg - building
blkd - blocked
blw - below (also abbreviated as "blo")

- Myanmar (nee Burma, Indochina nation); also, bone marker, back marker (75mHz fan markers usually with ILS, now rare)

BN - Benin (Africa nation on slave coast of Gulf of Guinea)
BO - Belarus (Western CIS nation bordering poland and Lithuania)
BOA - Break-Off Altitude
BOH - Break-Off Height
BOQ - Bachelow Officers Quarters
BP - Solomon Islands (Western Pacific nation)
BR - Brazil (largest South American nation, on Atlantic Ocean)
brg - bearing
brkg - braking
BS - Broadcast Station (commercial)
btn - between (also abbreviated "zw" - German/European)
BU - Bulgaria (Eastern Europe nation on SW shore of Black Sea)
bus - business
BX - Brunei (nation on N shore of Borneo)
BY - Burundi (Africa nation on N shore of Lake Tanganyika)
byd - beyond
BZ - Buffer Zone
C Charlie / (Cocoa)
CA - California (ConUS southwest state)
CAT = Clear Air Turbulence
CAVU - Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited
CB - Crash Boat
CCW - or cntclkws counterclockwis
CD - Chad (Central N Africa nation)
CE - Sri Lanka (Island nation S of India)
ceil - ceiling
CERAP - Center Radar Approach Control
CF - Lower Zaire (formerly Congo)
cfm - confirm
CFMU - Central Flow Management Unit
CG - Democratic Republic of the Congo (equatorial Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean); also, Center of Gravity
CGAF - Coast Guard Air Facility
CGAS - Coast Guard Air Station
CH - China; see also blo
CH - or chan channel (radio frequency)
CHAPI - Chase Helicopter Approach Path Indicaator
chg - change
cht - chart
CI - Chile (South America nation on S Pacific Ocean)
cir - circle, circling
CIRVIS - Communications Instructions Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings
CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States (eurasian, largest nation - formerly USSR or Soviet Union)
CIT - near or over large towns
civ - civil, civilian
CJ - Cayman Islands (UK islands S of central CU, WNW of JM)
ck - check
CK - Cocos (Keeling) Island (AS islands in eastern Indian Ocean - S/SW Java
cl - class
CL - Centerline Lighting System
clbr - calibration
clnc - clearance
CLNC DEL - clearance delivery
CLR - Clear
clsd - closed
CM - Cameroon (Africa nation near equator on Gulf of Gunea)
CMNPS - Canadian Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace (N Atlantic arsp)
cmsn - commission
CN - Comoros (islands nation between N MA and Africa)
CNATRA - Chief of Naval Air Training
cnl - cancel
CNO - Chief of Naval Operations
cns - continuous
cntclkws or CCW - counterclockwise
cntr - center
CO - Columbia, also, Commanding Officer
CO - Colorado (ConUS western state)
com - communication
comd - command
Comdr - Commander
comdt - commandant
coml - commercial
comp - complete
compul - compulsory
comsn - commission
CON - Control (voice call), Consol, Consolan
ConUS or CONUS - Contiguous United States (formerly Continential United States; in AK the "lower 48" states)
convl - conventional
coord - coordinate
COP - change over point
copter - helicopter
corr - correct
cov - cover
crdr - corridor
croa - cross
CRP - Compulsory Reporting Point
crs - course
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
CS - Costa Rica (Central America nation between PM & NU)
CS - call sign; also, communication station
CSA - Caribbean and South America (or Latin America)
cstl - coastal or coastline
CSTMS - Customs
CStn - Commercial Station
CT - Central African Republic (bordered by CD, Sudan, Zaire, CF and CM)
CT - Connecticut (ConUS northeast state)
CTA - Control Area
CTAF - Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CTAM - climb to and maintain
ctc - contact
ctl - control
CTLZ - Control Zone
ctn - caution
CU - Cuba (Caribbean island nation S & SE of FL)
CV - Cape Verde (Atlantic islands nation W of Senegal & Mauritania)
CVFP - Charted Visual Flight Procedure
CVFR - Controlled Visual Flight Rules
CW - Cook Island (now Kiritimati nee Christmas Island - part of Kiribati central Pacific island nation)
CW - Clockwise; also, Contiuous Wave (radio); also, Carrier Wave (radio)
CWA - Center Weather Advisory
CWT - hundredweight
cwy - clearway
CY - Cyprus (large island in eastern Med - jointly occupied and claimed by Greece and Turkey)
CZ - Czechoslovakia (E Europe nation now divided into independent Czech and Slovak republics)
D Delta / Dog
D - Danger Area (followed by numerical identification)
DA - Denmark (peninsula & islands nation between N Sea and Baltic Sea)
DA - Decision Altitude
DAFIF - Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File
daylt - daylight
db - decibel (sound intensity measurement)
DC - District of Columbia (federal district containing capitol of USA - between MD & VA)
DC - Direct Current (electricity produced by batteries)
dckg - decking
dct - direct
DE - Delaware (ConUS eastern state)
Dec - December
DECCA - Decca navigator (long range)
decom - decommission
deg - degree
del - delivery
DEMIZ - DEW East Military Identification Zone
DENEB - fog dispersal operations
dep - depart, departure
DEP CON - departure control
DER - Departure End of Runway
destn - destination
DEW - Distant Early Warning (of approaching aircraft)
DF - Direction Finder (of electronic/electromagnetic emission)
DFTI - distance from touchdown indicator
dgr - danger
DH - Decision Height (of instrument approach)
direc - direc
disc - discontinue
dist - district, distance
div - divisio
DJ - Djibouti (Africa nation between Red Sea and Gulf of Aden)
DL - Direct Line to FSS
dlt - delete
dly - daily or delay
DM - Double Master (Loran Stations)
ME - Distance Measuring Equipment (UHF standard, TACAN compatible)
DND - Department of National Defence (Canada)
dng - danger
DO - Dominica (Island nation in eastern Caribbean)
DoD or DOD - Department of Defense
dpth - depth
DR - Dominican Republic (Caribbean nation sharing large island with Haiti)
DR - Dead Reckoning
drct - direct
DS - Double Slave (Loran Stations)
DSB - Double Sideband (radio communication)
DSN - Defense Switch Network (DOD telephone network/system)
dsplc - displace
DT - Daylight Saving Time
DTAM - descend to and maintaiN
DTU - Data Transfer Unit
dupe - duplication
dur - duration, also, during
DVFR - Defense Visual Flight Rule
DVOR - Doppler VOR
E Echo / Easy
E - East (direction)
ea - each
EAF - Expeditionary Airfield
EAT - Expected Approach Time
Ebnd - Eastbound
EC - Ecuador (equatorial Soth America nation on Pacific Ocean)
ECM - Electronic Counter Measures
ECN - Enroute Change Notice
EDCT - expcted departure clearance time
EET - estimated elapsed time
EFC - Expect Further Clearance
eff - effect
EFIS - Electronic Flight Information System
EG - Egypt (Africa nation on eastern Med)
E-HA - Enroute High Altitude
EHF - extremely high frequency (30,000 to 300,000 MHz)
EI - Ireland (Island shared by Irish Republic and UK in NE Atlantic)
EK - Equatorial Guinea (W Africa nation comprising an island and larger mainland province [Rio Muni])
E-LA - Enroute Low Altitude
elev - elevation
ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter
em - emission (electromagnetic/electronic)
Emerg - emergency
EN - Estonia (Baltic nation S of Gulf of Finland)
eng - engine
enrt - enroute
EOBT - estimated off-clock time
EOR - End of Runway
EPD - Earliest Practicable Date
EPI - Expanded Position Indicator
eqpt - equipment
ER - Eritrea (African nation at S end of Red Sea)
ERDA - Energy Research and Development Administration
ES - El Salvador (Central America nation on Pacific Ocean between GT and NU)
E-S - Enroute Supplement
est - estimate
estab - establish
ET - Ethiopia (E Aftric nation bordered by ER, DJ, Somalia. Kenya & Sudan)
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD - Estimated Timeof Departure
ETE - Estimated Time Enroute
ETO - estimated time over significant point/location
ETS - European Telephone System
EU - Europa Island (French island between Mozambique and Madagascar)
EUCARF - European Control Altitude Reservation Function
Eur - Europe, also, Eureka
EUR - European (ICAO Region)
ev - every
evac - evacuat
exc - except

excld - exclude
exer - exerci
exp - expect
ext - extent
extn - extension, also, extend
extv - extensive

F Foxtrot / Fox
F - Fahrenheit (degrees); also, fixed
FA - Falkland Islands (British S Atlantic islands 300+ mi E of AR
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration (USA)
fac - facility
FACSFAC - Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility
FAF - Final Approach Fix
FAR - Federal Air Regulations
FARP - Forward Arming and Refueling Point
FAS - Final Approach Speed
FAWS - Flight Advisory Weather Service
fax - facsimile
FBAA - Flying Boat Alighting Area
FBO - Fixed Base Operator
FBW - Fly by Wire
FCC - Flight Control Center
FCG - Foreign Clearance Guide
FCLP - field carrier landing practice
fcst - forecast
Feb - February
FG - French Guiana (French possession on NE coast of South America between Suriname and Brazil)
FI - Finland (Easternmost Scandinavian nation bordering Russia)
FIC - Flight Information Center
FIFOR - Flight Forecast (in international MET figures)
FIH - Flight Information Handbook
FIR - Flight Information Region
FIS - Flight Information Service
FJ - Fiji (SW Pacific island nation 1200+ mi N of NZ)
FL - Florida (ConUS southeast state), also, flight level
fld - field
flg - flashing
FLIP - Flight Information Publication
flr - flare
flt - flight
fltck - flight check
FLT - CON Flight Control
fluc - fluctuate
flw - follow
FM - Federated States of Micronesia (USA Western Pacific Trust Territory)
FMP - Flos Management Position
FMU - Flow Management Unit
FNA - final approach
FO - Faroe Islands (Danish islands between Iceland and
FOC - Flight Operations Center
FOD - Foreign Object Damage
fone - telephone
FP - French Polynesia (S Central Pacific Tuamotu Archipelago, Marquesas & Austral islands)
FPL - Flight Plan
fpm - feet per minute
FPO - Fleet Post Office
fqt - frequent
fr - from
FR - France (W Europe nation on N Atlantic ocean, Med & English Channel)
freq - frequency, also, frequent
frng - firing
FS - Flight Service
FSL - full stop landing
FSS - Flight Sergvice Station
fst - first
ft - foot
ftr - fighter
furn - furnish
F/W - Fixed Wing

G Golf / George
G - Grid
GA - Gambia (W Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean bordered N. E & S by Senegal)
GA - Georgia (ConUS southeast state); also, Glide Angle
G/A - Ground-to-Air
gal - gallon
G-,A-,R-,B- - Low Frequency Airways (green, amber, red, blue - ConUS circa 1920s-1950s)
GAT - General Air Traffic (Europe-Asia)
GB - Gabon (W Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean at equator)
GCA - Ground Controlled Approach (using Radar)
GCAS - Ground Collision Avoidance System
GCI - Gound Control Intercept
GCT - Greenwich Civil Time
gen - general
GG - Georgia (CIS nation on shore of Black Sea between Russia and Turkey, Armenia & Azerbaijan)
GH - Ghana (Africa nation between Ivory Coast and Togo on Gulf of Guinea)
GI - Gibralter (tiny UK nation at W end of Med
GJ - Grenada (Island nation at E end of Caribbean Sea)
GK - Guernsey (one of a group of UK islands on the S side of the English Channel)
GL - Greenland (Huge Danish arctic Island between Canada Islands and the Greenland Sea and Arctic and Atlantic Oceans)
gldr - glider
GM - Germany (central nation on Baltid and North Seas between W and E Europe)
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time (when not a figure of time)
gnd - ground
gndck - ground check
GND CON - Ground Control
gnry - gunnery
GO - Glorioso Island (SW Seychelles island - in W Indian Ocean)
govt - government
GP - Guadeloupe (French islands in E Caribbean)
GP - Glide Path
Gp - Group
GPI - Ground Point of Intercept
GPS - Global Positioning System (satellite-based navigation)
GQ - Guam (USA Western Pacific Island - DOD abbreviation)
GR - Greece (E Europe nation in E Med)
grad - gradient
grav - gravel
Griv - Grivation
GS - Glide Slope
GT - Guademala (Central America nation on Pacific Ocean & Caribbean)
GU - Guam (USA Western Pacific Island - USPS abbreviation)
GV - Grid Variation
GV - Guinea (W Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean btn Guinea-Bussau and Sierra Leone)
GWT - Gross Weight
GY - Guyana (S American nation on Atlantic ocean btn Venezuela & Suriname)
GZ - Gaza Strip (semi-autonomous area on Med of W Israel)

H Hotel / How
H - Enroute High Altitude Chart (followed by identification #)
H+ - Hours or hours plus... minutes past the hour
H24 - contionuous operation
HA - Haiti (Caribbean nation sharing large island with Dominican Republic)
HAA - Height Above Airpor
t/Aerodrome, also, High Angle of Attack
HAR - Height Above Runway

HAL - Height above Landing Area
HALS - Heliport Approach Lighting System
HAT - Height Above Touchdown
haz - hazard

HDF - High Frequency Direction Finder
hdg - heading
HDTA - High Density Traffice Airport/Aerodrome
HF - High Frequency (3000 to 30,000kHz)
Hg - mercury (liquid element)
hgr - hangar
hgt - height

hi - high
Hi - ALT or HA High Altitude
HI - Hawaii (50th USA Pacific Islands state)
HIFOR - High Level Forecast
HILS - Heliport Instrument Lighting System
HIRL - High Intensity Runway Lights
HIRTA - High intensity radio transmission area
HIWAS - Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service
HK - Hong Kong (formerly UK territory on S China Sea, now special trade district of China)
hldg - holding
HO - Honduras (Central America nation on Caribbean and Pacific Ocean)
HO - Service Available to meet Operational Requirements
hol holiday
HOLF - Helicopter Outlying Field
horiz - horizontal
hosp - hospital
hPa - hectopascal
HPOX - High Pressure Oxygen
HPZ - Helicopter Protected Zone
HQ - Headquarters
HR Croatia
hr - hour
HS - service available during hours of scheduled operations
hsg - housing
HTA - Helicopter Training Area
HU - Hungary (nation near center of eastern Europe)
HVDF - High and Verh High Frequency Direction Finder (at the same location)
hvy - heavy
HW - Heavy Weight
hwy - highway
HX - Station having no specific working hours
Hz - Hertz (cycles per second - radio/electromagnetic waves)

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I India / Item
I - island
IA - Iowa (ConUS north central state)
IACC - Inter-Agency Air Cartographic Committee
IAF - Initial Approach Fix
IAL - instrument approach and landing chart
IAP - Instrument Aapproach Procedure
IAR - intersection of air routes
IAS - Indicated Air Speed
IATA - International Air Transport Association
IAW - in accordance with
IBn - identification beacon
IC - Iceland (island nation between Greenland and UK)
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
ice - icing
ICLS - Instrument Carrier Landing System
ID - Indonesia (large equatorial multi-island asian nation from 95E to 142E)
ID - Idaho (ConUS northwest state)
ident - idientification
IF - Intermediate Fix
IFF - Identification, Friend or Foe (UHF device)
IFIM - International Flight Infromation Manual
IFPS - Intergrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System
IFR - Instrument Flight Rules
IFR-S - FLIP IFR Supplement
IFSS - International Flight Service Station
IGS - Instrument Guidance System
IL - Illinois (ConUS east central state)
ILA - Instrument Landing Aid
ILS - Instrument Landing System
IM - Isle of Man/Ronaldsway (UK island in the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland & England)
IM - Inner Marker (of ILS)
IMC - Instrument Meterological Conditions
IMG - Immigration
immed - immediate
in - inch
IN - India (Asian nation between Pakistan and Myanmar)
IN - Indiana (ConUS east central state)
INA - initial approach
inad - inadvertant
inbd - inbound
INC - In Cloud
Inc - Incorporated
incl - include
indef - indefinite
info - information
inop - inoperative
INP - if not possible
inpr - in progress
INREQ - information request
INS - Inertial Navigation System
inst - instrument
instl - install
instr - insruction
int - intersection
intcntl - intercontinental
intcp - intercept
intl - international
intmed - intermediate
intmt - intermittent
imtrg - interrogate
intro - introduction
introd - introduce
intrp - interrupt
ints - intense
intsf - intensify
intst - intensity
INTXN - Intersection (for Instrument Approach Procedures only)
IO British - Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipeligo islands [includes Diego Garcia] lying S of Maldive Islands)
IP - initial point
IR - Iran (Middle East nation between Caspian Sea and Persion Gulf)
IR - IFR Military Training Route
IS - Israel (nation between E Med and Jordan - a holy land to Christians, Jews and Moslems)
ISMLS - Interim Standard Microwave Landing System
isol - isolate
IT - Italy (peninsular nation and islands on N central Mediterranean Sea)
IV - Ivory Coast (W Africa nation on the Gulf of Guinea)
IZ - Iraq (Middle East nation at NW end of Persian Gulf - bordered by Syria, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan)

J Juliet / Jig
J - Jet Fuel; also, Jet Route (followed by identification)
JA - Japan (nation of islands on NW Pacific rim)
JAL - (High Altitude [Jet] Instrument Approach Procedure Chart)
J-bar - jet aircraft barrier (to deflect or disperse jet exhaust)
Jan - January
JASU - Jet Aircraft Starting Unit
JATO - Jet Assisted Take-Off [by rocket engines]
JE - Jersey (one of a group of UK islands on the S side of the English Channel)
JM - Jamaica (central Caribbean Island nation S of Cuba and WSW of Haiti)
JN - Jan Mayen (Norwegian island approx 300nm NNE of Iceland)
JNC - Jet Navigation Chart (Scale 1:2,000,000 or 1:3,000,000)
jng - joining
JO - Jordan (Middle East nation on Gulf of Aqaba and E shore of Dead Sea - bordered by Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel)
JOAP - Joint Oil Analysis Program
JOSAC - Joint Operational Support Airlift Center
JQ - Johnston Atoll (US island approx 300nm WSW of Hawaii)
JRB - Joint Reserve Base
jtstr - jetstream
JU - Juan De Nova Island (French island off W coast of Madagascar - also known as St Christopher island)
Jul - July
Jun - June

K Kilo / King
K - Kopter (spoken ICAO ATS route designator
KE - Kenya (SE Africa equatorial nation on Indian Ocean)
kg - kilograms

KG - Kyrgyzstan (CIS nation bordered by Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan)
kHz - kilohertz

KIAS - Knots Indicated Airspeed
KLIZ - Korea Limited Identification Zone, also, ICAO ident for Loring AFB, ME
km - kilometer (distance)
kmh - kilometers per hour (speed)
KPa - kilopascal (pressure)
KR - Kiribati (extensive Pacific Islands nation near equator from 170E to 150W)
KS - Republic of Korea (South half of peninsula between Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan)
KS - Kansas (ConUS central state)
KT - Christmas Island (now Kiritimati Island, approx 1060nm S of Hawaii, in NE area of Kiribati)
Kt or K - Knots (nm/hr)
KU - Kuwait (Middle East nation at NW shore of Persian Gulf; bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia)
kw - kilowatt
KZ - Kazakhstan (large CIS nation S of Russia stretching from the Caspian Sea to China)
KY - Kentucky (ConUS southeast state)

L Lima / Love
L - Compass locator, also, Enroute Low Altitude Chart (followed by identification), also, Left (Runway designation)
LA - Laos (landlocked Indochina nation bordered by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar)
LA - Louisiana (ConUS south central state)
LAAS - Low Altitude Alert System
lat - latitude
latrl - lateral
lb - pound (weight)
lcl - local
LCN - load classification number
LCP - French Peripheral Classification Line
lctd - located
lctn - location
lctr - locator
LCVASI - Low Cost Visual Approach Slope Indicator
lczr - localizer
LDA - Landing Distance Available, also, Localizer-type Directional (IFR approach) Aid
ldg - landing
LDI - landing direction indicator
LDIN - Lead-in Lights (to Runway)
LE - Lebanon (Middle East nation on E Med bordered by Syria and Israel)
len - length
LF - Low Frequency (450 to 1600 kHz - radio nav useage; or 30 to 300 kHz - DOD useage which was Very Low Frequency]
LFR - Low Frequency Range (LF radio airway/approach aid - superceded by VORs and NDBs [or LOC and ILS], respectively)
LG - Latvia (Central Baltic nation between Lithuania and Estonia)
lgt - light
lgtd - lighted
LH - Lithuania (Baltic nation bordered by Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast [county])
LHOX - Low and High Pressure Oxygen
LI - Liberia (W Africa nation on Atlantic - bordered by Sierra Leone. Guinea and Cote D'Ivoire)
LIH - light intensity high
LIL - light intensity low
LIM - light intensity medium
LIRL - Low Intensity Runway Lights
LLWAS - Low-Level Wind Shear Alert System
LLZ or LOC - Localizer (Precision Instrument Approach directional alignment radio guidance evice)
LMM - Compass locator at Middle Marker (of ILS approach)
LMT - Local Mean Time
lo or Lo - low
LoALT or LA - Low Altitude
LOC - Localizer - see also LLZ above
Lo Int - Low Intensity Lights
LOM - Compass Locator at Outer Marker (of ILS approach)
long - longitude
Loran - Long Range Aid to Navigation
Loran - Long Range Aid to Navigation (being superseded by GPS Navigation)
Loran DM - Loran Double Master (signal transmitting system)
Loran DS - Loran Double Slave (signal transmitting)
Loran M -Loran Master
Loran S - Loran Slave
LOX - Liquid Oxygen
LP - Low Power
LPOX - Low Pressure Oxygen
LQ - Palmyra Atoll (U.S. Pacific island approx 900nm S by SW of Hawaii)
LR - Long Range, also, Lead Radial
LRA - Landing Rights Airport
LRRS - Long Range Radar Station
LSB - Lower Side Band
lt - left
LT - Lesotho (S Africa nation on Indian Ocean - bordered by South Africa and Transkei)
LTA - Lighter than air
ltd - limited
ltr - letter
ltrs - liters
LU - Luxembourg (small W Europe nation - bordered by Belgium, Germany and France)
lv - leave
LY - Libya (N Africa nation on Med - bordered by Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia)
lyr - layer
LZ - landing zone

M Mike (Metro)
M - Master (Loran Station), also, meters, magnetic (after a bearing), also, Military Circuit (telephone)
MA - Madagascar (large island nation in Indian Ocean - near and E of S Africa)
MA - Massachuestte (ConUS northeast state)
MAA - Maximum Authorized Altitude
MACC - Military Area Control Center
mag brg - magnetic bearing
maint - maintain, also, maintenance
maj - major
MALS - Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System
MALSF - Medium Intensity Approach Lighting with Sequenced Flashers
MALSR - Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
mand - mandatory
mand - alt mandatory altitude
MAP - Missed Approach Point
Mar - March
MARA - Military Activity Restricted Area
MARSA - Milirary Authority Assumes Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft
MASMS - Military Airspace Management System
MATO - Military Air Traffic Operations
MATZ - Military Aerodrome Traffic Zone
max - maximum
MB - Martinique (French island in eastern Caribbean)
MB - Manitoba (Canada eastern prairie province)
mb - millibars
MB - Moving Buoys
MC - Macau (Small Portuguese territory on South China Sea adjoining China)
MCA - Minimum Cruising Altitude
MCAAF - Marine Corps Auciliary Air Facility
MCAAS - Marine Corps Auciliary Air Station
MCAB - Marine Corps Air Base
MCAC - Military Common Area Control
MCAGCC - Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
MCAS - Marine Corps Air Station
MCB - Marine Corps Base
MCC - Military Climb Corridor
MCOLF - Marine Corps OPutlying Field
MD - Moldova (CIS nation bordered by Ukraine and Romania
MD - Maryland (ConUS eastern state)
MDA - Minimum Descent Altitude (on nonprecision IFR approach)
MDF - Medium Frequency Direction Finder
MEA - Minimum Enroute Altitude
med - medium
Med - Mediterranean (sea or area)
MEHT - Minimum Eye Height over Threshold
mem - memorial
MET - Meteorological, Meteorology
METAR - Aviation Routine Weather Report (in international MET figure code)
Metro - Meteorology (weather); also,
METRO - Pilot-to-Metro voice call
ME - Maine (ConUS northeast state)
MF - Iles de Mayotte or Mayotte Island (French Island in Mozambique Channel - near N end)
MF - Mandatory Frequency (Canada - uncontrolled aeroddromes/airports), also, Medium Frequency (1600 to 3000 kHz -traditional radio communications useage or 300-3000kHz current DOD useage)
MFA - Minimum Flight Altitude, also, Military Flying Area (Canada)
MFS - Military Flight Service
MG - Mongolia (large CIS nation in asia - bordered by Russian mid-Siberia to the N and China to the S)
mgr - manager
MH - Marshall Islands (USA Central Pacific Trust Territory)
MH - Montserrat (UK island in E Caribbean)
MHDF - Medium and High Frequency Direction Finder (at same location)
MHVDF - Medium, High and Very High Frequency Direction Finder (at same location)
mHz - Megahertz
MI - Malawi (S Africa nation on W & SE shores of Lake Malawi - surrounded by Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia)
MI - Michigan (ConUS east central state)
MID/ASIA - Middle East/Asia (ICAO Region)
MIDIZ - Mid Canada Identification Zone
MIJI - Meaconing, Intrucion, Jamming and Interference
mil - military
MIL - OVRN Military Overrun Lights
min - minimum, also, minute
MIRL - Medium Intensity Runway Lights
MIS - Meteorological Impact Statement
misl - missile
mkr - marker
ML - Mali (W Africa nation surrounded by Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Cote D'Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania)
MLS - Microwave Landing System
MM - Middle Marker (of ILS)
MMLS - Mobile Microwave Landing System
MNPS - Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (for N Atlantic airspace)
MN - Minnesota (ConUS north central state)
mnt - monitor
MO - Morocco (N Africa nation on both Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean - between Algeria and Western Sahara)
MO - Missouri (ConUS central state)
MOA - Military Operations Area
MOC - minimum obstruction clearance
MOCA - Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude
mod - moderate, also, modify
Mon - Monday
mov - move
MP - Mauritius (French isalnds approx 520nm E of Madagascar)
MP - Northern Mariana Islands (USA Western Pacific Islands)
mph - (statute) miles per hour
MQ - Midway Island (US islands approx 1300nm WNW of Hawaii)
MR - Mauritania (W Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean - surrounded by Western Sahara, Algeria, Mali and Senegal)
MR - Medium Range
MRA - Minimum Reception Altitude
mrk - mark, also, marker
MS - Mississippi (ConUS southeast state)
MSA - Minimum Safe Altitude
msg - message
MSL - mean sea level
msn - mission
MT - Malta (Med island nation approx 55nm S of Sicily)
MT - Montana (ConUS northwest state)
mt - mount, also., mountain
MTA - Minimum Terrain Clearance Altitude
MTAF - Mandatory Traffic Advisory Frequency (Canada - also Mandatory Frequency)
MTC - Military Terminal Control
MTCA - Military Terminal Control Area
mthly - monthly
mtrs, M or m - meters
MU - Oman (Middle East nation on Arabian Sea - bordering UAR, Yemen and Saudi Arabia)
MUAC - Military Upper Air Control
multi - multiple
uni - municipal
MV - Maldives (nation of islands approx 350nm SSW of southern tip of India)
MV - Magnetic Variation
MVA - Minimum Vectoring Altitude
MVDF - Medium and Very High Frequency Direction Finder (at same location)
MX - Mexico (Latin America nation between ConUS and Central America)
MY - Malaysia (Indochina nation between South China Sea and Strait of Malacca - between Thailand and Singapore)
MZ - Mozambique (S Afria nation on Mozambique Channel of Indian Ocean - bordering Tanzania, S Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi

N November / Nectar or Nan
N - North (direction)
NA - Nertherlands Antilles (Dutch islands in the Caribbean - lieing off the NW coast of Venezuela)
N/A - or n/a not applicable, also, not authorized, also, not available
NA - not authorized (for Instrument Approach Procedures take-off and alternatre MINIMA only.)
NAAS - Naval Auxiliary Air Station
NADC - Naval Air Development Center (Warminster/Philadelphia PA)
NADEP - Naval Air Depot
NAES - Naval Air Engineering Station

NAF - Naval Air Facility
NALF - Naval Auxiliary Landing Field
NALO - Naval Air Logistics Office
NAM - North American (ICAO Region)
NAR - North American Routes for North Atlantic Traffic
NAS - Naval Air Station
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAT - North Atlantic (ICAO Region)
natl - national
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOPS - Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures
nav - navigation
navaid - navigation aid (usually radio or electronic)
NAVFIG - Naval Flight Information Group
NAVMTO - Navy Material Transportation Office
NAWC - Naval Air Warfare Center
NAWS - Naval Air Weapons Station
NB - New Brunswick (Canada province on E side of ME)
Nbnd - Northbound
NC - New Caledonia (large French island on Coral Sea approx 520nm ENE of Australia)
NC - North Carolina
(ConUS southeast state)
NCRP - Non-Compulsory Reporting Point
ND - North Dakota
(ConUS north central state)
NDB - Non-Directional Radio Beacon
NE - Niue (New Zealand island approx 1570nm NNE of New Zealand's North Island)
NE - Nebraska (ConUS north central state)
NE - Northeast
nec - necessary
NF - Norfolk Island (Australian island in South Pacific approx 875nm E of Australia)
NF - Newfoundland (Canada mainland and island province on Labrador Sea and Atlantic Ocean, respectively)
NG - Niger (central N Africa nation - bordered by Algeria, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mali)
NG - Army National Guard
ngt - night
NH - Vanuatu (Pacific islands nation approx 1480nm NE of NE Australia coast)
NI - Nigeria (Africa nation on Gulf of Guinea - bordered by Benin, Niger and Cameroon)
NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency (St Louis)
NH - New Hampshire
(ConUS northeast state)
NJ - New Jersey (ConUS northeast state)
NL - Netherlands (N Europe nation on North Sea - bordered by Germany and Belgium)
NM - New Mexico (ConUS southwest state)
NM or nm - nautical miles
nml - normal
NO - Norway (westernmost Scandanavian nation on Norweigan Sea - bordered by Russia, Finland and Sweden)
No or Nr - number
NOF - International NOTAM Office
NOLF - Navy Outlying Field
NoPT - No Procedure Turn required (procedure turn shall not be executed without ATC clearance)
NORAD - North American Aerospace Defense Command
NORDO - Non radio aircraft
NOS - National Ocean Service
NOTAM - Notice to Airmen
not flt ck - not flight checked
NOTUN - Notice of Unreliability
Nov - November
NP - Nepal (mountainous Asian nation - bordered by China and India)
NPA - Non-Precision Approach
NR - Nauru (equatorial island in W Pacific - approx 1610nm SE of Guam)
Nr - of No number
NS - Suriname (nation on N coast of S America - bordered by French Guiana, Brazil and Guyana)
NS - Nova Scotia (Canada island province S & E of New Brunswick)
NS - Naval Station
NSA - Naval Support Activity, also , National Security Agency
NS ABTMT - Noise abatement
nstd - nonstandard
ntc - notice
NT - Northern Territories (Canada northernmost province - mainland and islands)
NU - Nicaragua (Central America nation on both Caribbean and Pacific - bordered by Honduras N and Costa Rica S)
NV - Nevada (ConUS southwest state)
NVD - Night Vision Device(s)
NW - Northwest
NWC - Naval Weapons Center, also, National Weather Service, also, North Warning Service
NY - New York (ConUS northeast state)
NZ - New Zealand (SW Pacific islands nation - approx 1300nm ESE of Australia)

O Oscar / Oboe
O/A - On or about
OAC - Oceanic Area Control, also, Oceanic Area Control Center
OAS - obstacle Assessment surface
OAT - Operational Air Traffic, also, Outside Air Temperature
obsc - obscure
ObsHt - obstacle height
obsn - observation
obst - obstruction
OCA - Obstacle Clearance Altitude
OCH - obstacle clearance height
OCL - Obstacle Clearance Limits
OCNL - occasional
OConUS - Outside Continental Limits of US
oct - octane
ODALS - Omni Directional Approach Ligh
r ting Syste
ODO - Operations Duty Office
offl - official
OFFL - BUS ONLY Official business only
OH - Ohio (ConUS east central state)
OIC - Officer in Charge
OK - Oklahoma (ConUS south central state)
OK - we agree, correct
OLF - Outlying Field
OLS - Optical Landing System
OM - Outer Marker (of ILS)
ON - Ontario (Canada province between Great Lakes & Hudson Bay)
ONC - Operational Navigation Chart (1:1,000,000 scale) [same scale as WAC charts]
OOD - Officer Of the Day
OP- AREA Operating Area
op by - operating authority
opr - operate, also, operator
OPS - Operations
OR - Oregon (ConUS northwest state)
O/R - on request
OROCA - Off-Route Obstruction Clearance Altitude
ORTCA - Off-Route Terrain Clearance Altitude
orig - original
O/S - out of service
OSV - Ocean Station Vessel
OT - other times
otp - on top (of cloud cover)
OTR - Oceanic Transition Routes
OTS - Organized Track System
OUT - Facility off the air, also, operational but not suitable for IFR operations - limitations explained
outbd - outbound
OVC - overcast
ovft - overflight
ovrn - overrun
OX - Oxygen
OXRB -Oxygen Repalcement Bottles

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P Papa / Peter
P - Civil Aerodrome available to transient military aircraft, also, Page (on Area Planning PCN), also, Planning, also, Prohibited area (followed by identification)
PA - Paraguay (land-locked S American nation - bordered by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina
PA - Pennsylvania (ConUS northeast state)
PAC - Pacific (ICAO Region)
PACAF - Pacific Air Forces
PACOM - Pacific Command
PAJA - Parachute Jumping Area
PALS - Precision Approach and Landing System (Navy)
PANS - Procedures for Air Navigation Services
PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator
PAR - Precision Approach Radar
para - paragraph
parl - parallel
pat - pattern
PAX - Passenger, also, Patuxant (River)
PCA - Positive Control Area
PCN - Pacement Classification Number, also, Planning Change Notice
PCZ - Positive Control Zone
PE - Peru (S America nation on Pacific Ocean - bordered by Ecuador, Coloumbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina
PE - Prince Edward Island (Canada small province nearby, E and N of NB and NS, respectively)
pent - penetrate
perm - permanent
perms - permission
pers - personnel
PFC - Porous Friction Courses (runway pavement toppings or layers)
PG - Spratly Islands (islands in S China Sea W of Palawan - claimed by China, Phillipines, Malaysia and Vietnam)
PIREP - Pilot Report (usually of meteorological conditions observed in flight
PJE - Parachutting Activities/Exercises
PK - Pakistan (nation on Arabian Sea - bordered by Afghanistan, China, India and Iran)
P/L - Plain Language
PL - Poland (E Europe nation on S shore of Baltic Sea - bordered by Kaliningrad Oblast, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany)
PLA - Practice low approach
p-line - pole/power line
pln - plan
PM - Panama (Central America nation on Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean - bordered by Costa Rica and Columbia)
PM - or pm Post meridiem, noon til midnight
PMSV - Pilot-to-Metro Service
PMRF - Pacific Missile Range Facility
PN - prior notice
PNR - point of no return, also, prior notice required
PO - Portugal (W Europe nation on N Atlantic Ocean - bordered N and E by Spain)
POB - persons on board
POL - Petrol, Oils and Lubricants
POMAR - Position Operational Meteorological Aircraft Report
POMOLA - Poor Mans Optical Landiing System
posn - position
PP - Papua New Guinea (E half of island on Bismark, Solomon, and Coral Seas)
PPI - Plan Position Indicator
PPR - Prior Permission Required
pps - pulse per second (see also prr)
PR - Puerto Rico [postal code] (US island territory in NE Caribbean between Dominican Republic and Virgin Islands)
PRA - Precision Radar Approach (Instrument Approach Procedures Idenficiation only)
prcht - parachute
precip - precipitation
pref - prefer
PRESAIR - Air Compressors
prev - previous
prim - primary
prk - park
pro - procedure
prob - probable
proh - prohibited
pro tn - procedure turn
prov - provisional
ps - plus
PS - Republic of Palau (Largest of USA Trust Territory of the Pacific
Islands - approx 675nm SW of Guam) - see also PW
psia - pounds per square inch Ambient
psig - pounds per square inch Gage
psnl - personal
PSP - Pierced Steel Planking (expeditionary/temporary Runwway sections)
pt - point
ptcp - participate
PTD - Pilot to Dispatcher
PTS - Polar Track Structure
PU - Guinea-Bissau (W Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean - between Senegal and Guinea)
pub - publication
publ - publish
PV - prevailing visibility
PVASI - Pulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator
pvt - private
PW - Palau Islands (USA western Pacific Trust Territory) - see also PS
pwr - power
Q Quebec / Queen
QA - Qatar (Middle Eaast peninsular nation on Persian Gulf - bordered by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates)
QC - Quebec (Canada provence N of NE US and E of Hudson Bay and ON)
QFE - Altimeter Setting above station
QNE - Altimeter setting of 29.92 inches which provides height above standard datum plane (also know as pressure altitude)
QNH - Altimeter setting which provides height above mean sea level
qrtrs - quarters
quad - quadrant
R Romeo / Roger
R - Ground Receive, also, radial (followed by 3 digits for use on instrument approach charts, also, Restricted Area (followed by identification), also, Right (runway designation)
RA - Radio Altimeter setting height
RACON - Radar Beacon
RAF - Royal Air Force
RAI - runway alignment indicator
RAIL - Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
RAIZ - Automated Area Information Responders
RAMCC - Regional Air Movement Control Center
RAOB - Radiosonde observation
RAPCON - Radar Approach Control (USAF)
RATCF - Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (Navy)
RB - Rescue Boat
RBn - Radio Beacon
RBS - Radar Bomb Scoring
RCA - reach cruise altitude
RCAG - Remote Center Air to Ground Facility
RCC - Rescue Coordination Center
RCF - Radar Control Facility (USAF)
RCL - runway centerline
RCLS - Runway Centerline Light System
RCO - Remote Communications Outlet
rcpt - reception
RCR - Runway Condition Reading
rcv - receive
rcve - receiver
rdo - radio
RE - Reunion (French island group in the Indian Ocean - approx 500nm E of Madagascar)
recog - recognition
reconst - reconstruct
ref - reference
reful - refueling
reg - regulation, also, regular
REIL - Runway End Identificatier Lights
rel - reliable
relctd - relocated
REP - Reporting Point
repl - replace
reps - repairs
req - request
RFP - Replacement Flight Plan, also, Request For Proposal
rg - range (see also rng below)
Rgn - Region
rgt - right
RI - Rhode Island
(ConUS northeast state)
rlgd - realigned
RM - Republic of the Marshall Islands (W Pacific islands nation - straddling 10N between Hawaii and Guam)
rmk - remark
RNAV - Area Navigation
rng - range, also, radio range
RNP - Required Navigation Performance
RO - Romania (E Europe nation - bordered by Ukraine, Molddova, Ukraine, Black Sea, Yugoslavia and Hungary)
ROC - rate of climb
ROFOR - Route Forecast (in international MET figure code)
RON - Remain Overnight
Rot Lt or Bcn - Rotating Light or Beacon
RP - Republic of the Phillipines (islands nation between S China Sea and Phillipine Sea; also between Taiwan and Indonesia)
RPI - Runway Point of Intercept
rpt - repeat, also, repeat
RQ - Puerto Rico [DOD code] (US island territory in NE Caribbean between Dominican Republic and Virgin Islands)
rqr - require
RR - Railroad
RRL - Runway Remaining Lights
RRP - Runway Reference Point
RS - Russia (largest if the CIS - bordered by the Arctic Ocean, Chukchi and Bering Seas, NW Pacific, Okhotsk & Japan Seas, Asia, Middle East. Eastern Europe and Scandanavia
RSC - Rescue Sub-Center
RSDU - Radar Storm Detection Unit
RSP - Responder (beacon)
RSR - Route Surveillance Radar
rstd -restricted
R/T - Radiotelephony
RTB - Return to Base
rte - route
RTG - radio telegrph
RTR - Remote Transmitter Receiver
RTT - radio teletypewriter
ruf - rough
rufness - roughness
RV - Rescue Vessel
RVR - Runway Visual Range
R/W - Rotary Wing
RW - Rwanda (small S Africa nation - bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Zaire)
rwy - runway
S Sierra / Sugar
S - South (direction), also, Straight-in-Approach (on instrument approach charts), also, Slave (Loran Stations), also, Supersonic (spoken ICAO ATS route designator)
SA - Saudi Arabia (Middle East nation between Persian Gulf and Red Sea - bordered by Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen)
SAFE-BAR - Safeland Barrier
SALS - Short Approach Lighting System
SALSF - SALS with Sequenced Flasher (or "rabbit")
SAM - South American (ICAO Region)
san - sanitary
SAR - Search and Rescue, also, Special Administrative Region
SARA - Search and Rescue Aid
SARPS - Standards and Recommended Practices
Sat - Saturday
satfy - satisfactory
SAVASI - Simplified Abbreviated Visual Approach Slope Indicator
SAWRS - Supplemental Aviation Weather Reporting Station
SBA - Standard Beam Approach
Sbnd - Southbound
sby - standby
SC - St Christopher and Nevis (islands nation in NE Caribbean - leeward island chain)
SC - South Carolina (ConUS southeast state)
SCATANA - Security Control of Air Traffic and Air Navigational Aids
Sched - scheduled services
SCT - Scattered (clouds)
sctr - sector
S/D - Seadrome (see also
SD - South Dakota
(ConUS north central state)
SDF - Simplified Directional Facility
SE - Seychelles (almost 100 islands nation in W Indian Ocean - ranging approx 175nm to 550nm NNE od Madagascar)
SE - southeast
sec - second, also, section
secd - secondary
seg - segment
SELCAL - Selective Calling System
SEng - Single Engine
Sep - September
sepn - seraration
SES - Senior Executive Service
SF - South Africa (most southerly Africa nation between Indian and Atlantic Oceans - bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland; and within its borders: Stellaland, Gazankulu and Lesotho)
SFA - Single Frequency Approach
sfc - surface
SFL - Sequence Flashing Lights
SG - Senegal (W Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean - bordered by Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Guinea Bissau and containing
Gambia on 3 sides)
sgl - signal
SH - St Helena (UK island in the S Atlantic - approx 1900nm W of Angola)
SHAPE - Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers of Europe
SHF - Super High Frequency (3000 to 30,000 mHz)
SI - Slovenia (E European nation at NE end of Adriatic Sea - bordered by Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy)
SIAP - Standard Instrument Approach Procedure
SID - Standard Instrument Departure
SIF - Selective Identification Feature
simul - simultaneously
SIZ - Security Indentification Zone
SK - Saskatchewan (Canada - central prairie province)
sked - schedule
SL - Sierra Leone (W Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean - bordered by Guinea and Liberia)
SM - statute miles
SMC - surface movement control
SN - Singapore (island nation at S end of Thai-Malay peninsula - between Strait of Malacca and S China Sea)
SO - Somalia (E Africa nation or "horn" of Africa between Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean - bordered by Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti on the West)
SOAP - Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program
SOF - Supervisor of Flying
SP - Spain (W Europe nation between Med and Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay - bordered by France, Gibraltar and Portugal)
SPB - Seaplane Base
SR - Short Range, also, Slow Speed Low Altitude Training Route. also, Sunrise
SRE - Surveillance Radar Element of GCA (Instrument Approach Procedures Identification only)
SRR - search and rescue region
SRS - Substitute Route Structure
SS - Sunset
SSALF - Simplified Short ALS with sequence flashers
SSALS/R - Simplified Short Approach Lighting System with RAIL
SSB - Single Sideband
SSR - Secondary Surveillance Radar
SST - Supersonic Transport
ST - St. Lucia (E Caribbean island nation in Leeward Island chain - between Martinique and St Vincent)
STAR - Standard Terminal Arrival
std - standard
stn - station
STOL - Short Take-Off and Landing
stor - storage
stpwy - stopway (also "swy" below)
str-in - Straight-in (approach to landing)
stu - student
SU - Sudan (NE Africa nation on Red Sea - bordered by Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zaire, Central African Republic, Chad and Libya)subj - subject
sum - summer
Sun - Sunday
sur - surround
survl - survival, also, surveillance
suspd - suspended
SV - Svalbard (archipeligo of Norwegian islands in on Barents, Norwegian and Greenland Seas and Arctic Ocean - approx 425nm N of Norway, 275nm E of Greenland and 140nm W of Franz Joseph Land)
svc - service
svcbl - serviceable
svcg - servicing
SVFR - Special Visual Flight Rules
SW - Sweden (Central Scandanavian nation on the Gulf of Bothnia, and Baltic Sea - bordered by Norway and Finland)
SW - Southwest
swy - stopway (also "stpwy" above)
sxn - section
SY - Syria (Middle East nation at NE end of Med - bordered by Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon
sys - system
SZ - Switzerland (W Europe nation - bordered by Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy and France)
T Tango / Tare
T - Ground Transmit, also, Terminal Area Chart (followed by identification), also, True (after a bearing)
TA - Transition Altitude, also, Transition Area (for chart use only)
TAC - TACAN (used for Instrument Approach Procedures Only)
TACAN - Tactical Air Navigation Equipment
TAF - Aerodrome (terminal or alternate) forecast in abbreviated form
TAFOR - Aerodrome (terminal or alternate) forecast in full form
TAFOT - Aerodrome Forecast in Units of English System
TALCE - Tanker Airlift Control Element
TAMET - Aerodrome Forecastm in Units of Metric System
TAR - Terminal Area Surveillance Radar (for NOTAM use only)
TAS - True Airspeed
TBA - to be activated
TBI - to be inactivated
TC - United Arab Emirates (Middle East nation on Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman - bordered by Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia)
TCA - Terminal Control Area
TCH - Threshold Crossing Height
TCN - Terminal Change Notice (changes to FLIPs of TPPs between regular editions)
TCTA - Transcontinental Control Area
TD - Trinidad and Tobago (Island nation in SE Caribbean - approx 20nm off NE coast of Venezuela)
TD - Touchdown, also, Transponder
TDWR - Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
TDZ - Touchdown Zone
TDZE - Touchdown Zone Elevation (for instrument approach procedures only)
TDZL - Touchdown Zone Lights
TE - Tromelin Island (French island in W Indian Ocean - approx 210nm E of Nadagascar and 650nm N of Reunion island)
temp - temperature
TF - Terrain Following
tfc - traffic
TFR - Terrain Following Radar
TGL - touch and go landing
TGS - taxiway guidance system
T-HA - Terminal High Altitude (FLIP) [DOD TPPs for jet aircraft approaches, often beginning above 10,000ft MSL]
TH - Thailand (SE Asia nation on Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea - bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia)
thld - threshold
thou - thousand
THRE - Threshold elevation
thru - through
Thu - Thursday
TI - Tajikstan (CIS nation in asia - bordered by Kyrgyzstan, China, Tajikstan and Uzbekistan)
til - until
TK - Turks and Caicos Islands (UK islands at SE end of Bahamas chain on Atlantic Ocean - approx 90nm N of Hispaniola (Haiti
and Dominican Republic island)
tkof - take-off or takeoff
T-LA - Terminal Low Altitude (FLIP) [DOD TPPs for prop aircraft approaches usually beginning below 5,000ft above the airport]
TLa - Transition Layer
TLv - Transition Level
tmpry - temporary
TN - Tonga (S Pacific islands nation approx 1200nm NNE of New Zealand)
TN - Tennessee (ConUS southeast state)
TO - Togo (W Africa nation on Gulf of Guinea - bordered by Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana)
TOC - Tactical Operations Center
TODA - Take-off Distance Available
TP - Sao Tome and Principe (smallest Africa nation of islands at E end of Gulf of Guinea - approx 140nm W of Gabon and Rio
Muni, respectively)
TP - Tire Pressure
TPC - Tactical Pilotage Chart (DOD visual chart at 1:500,000 scale) [same scale as Sectional]
tr - track
TRA - Temporary Reserved Airspace
TRACON - Terminal Radar Approach Control (FAA)
tran - transient
trans - transmit
trml - terminal
trng - training
trns - transition
TRSA - Teminal Radar Service Area [usually assocated with Class B airspace]
T-S - Terminal Seaplane (FLIP) [DOD TPP approaches for waterborne aircraft]
TS - Tunisia (N African nation on the Med - bordered by Libya and Algeria)
TSA - Temporary Segregated Airspace
TT - teletype
TU - Turkey (Middle East nation at NE end of the Med - bordered by the Black Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria,
Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, Greece and Bulgaria)
Tue - Tuesday
turb - turbulence
TV - Tuvalu (W Pacific nation of atolls - approx 1700nm E of New Guinea or 2320nm SE of Guam)
TV - Television
TW - Taiwan (Island nation approx 100nm off SE coast of China and approx 210nm N of the Phillipines)
twd - toward
TWX - Telegraphic <essage
twy - taxiway
twyl - taxiway link
TX - Turkmenistan (CISA nation on eastern shore of Caspian Sea - bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran)
TX - Texas
(ConUS south central state)
TZ - United Republic of Tanzania (Africa nation on western shore of Indian Ocean - bordered by Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Lake Tanganyika, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

يتبع الرد القادم
قديم 06-01-2009, 02:24 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 5 ]   
الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

U Uniform / Uncle
U - Upper (spoken ICAO ATS route designator
UAB -until advised b
UACC - Upper Air Control Center (used outside US)
UAR - Upper Air Route
UC - under construction (for chart use only)
UCN - Urgent Change Notice
UDA - Upper Advisory Area
UDF - Ultra High Frequency Direction Finder
UFA - until further advised
UFN - unitil further notice
UG - Uganda (east central Africa nation - bordered by Sudan, Kenya, Lake Victoria, TanzaniaRwanda and Zaire)
UHF - Ultra High Frequency (300 to 3000 mHz)
UIC - Upper Information Center
UIR - Upper Flight Information Region
UK - United Kingdom (island nation between the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean - comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland plus a host of nearby smaller islands)
unauthd - unauthorized
unavbl - unavailable
unctl - uncontrolled
unk - unknown
unlcig - unlimited ceiling
unlgtd - unlighted
unltd - unlimited
unmrk - unmarked
unmnto - unmonitored
unrel - unreliable
unrstd - unrestricted
unsatfy - unsatisfactory
unsked - unscheduled
unsvc - unserviceable
unuse - unuseable
UP - Ukraine (CIS nation in eastern Europe N of the Black Sea - bordered by Belarus, Russia, Romamia, Moldova, Hundaria, Slovakia, Poland and Belarus)
US - United States (nation in N America of ConUS and Alaska with territories in E Caribbean, and a state, Hawaii, in central
Pacific plus many island territories and trust territories in the Central, N and W Pacific Ocean)
USA - United States of America - limited to its 50 states, also, same as US above.
USAF - United States Air Force
USAFE - United States Air Force in Europe
USAFIB - US Army Flight Information Bulletin
USAP - US Antarctic Program
USB - Upper Side Band
USBER - US Mission Berlin
USCG - United States Coast Guard
USMC - United States Marine Corps
USMTM - US Military Training Mission
USN - United States Navy
USPS - US Postal Service
UT - Utah (ConUS northwest state)
UTA - Upper Control Area
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time [formerly Grenwich Mean Time, GMT or "Zulu" time as in "2300Z"]
UTRACC - USAFE Tanker Recce Airlift Control Center
UV - Burkina Faso (W Africa nation - bordered by Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire)
UY - Uraguay (S America nation on S Atlantic Ocean - bordered by Brazil and Argentina)
UZ - Uzbekistan (CIS nation on S shore of Aral Sea - bordered by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan)

V Victor
V - Defense Switch Network (telephone, formerly AUTOVON), also, VOR Federal Airway (followed by identification)
VA - Virginia (ConUS eastern state)
VAL - Visiting Aircraft Line
var - magnetic variation
VASI - Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VC - St Vincent and the Grenadines (islands nation in the E Caribbean - between St Lucia and Venezuela)
VCIA - Vehicle Component Impact Area (from multi-stage ICBM or space-vehicle launch)
vcnty - vicinity
VDF - Very High Frequency Direction Finder
VDP - visual descent point
VE - Venezuela (S America nation on S shore of E Caribbean - bordered by Guyana, Brazil and Columbia)
veh - vehicle
vert - vertical
VFC - Visual Flight Conditions
VFR - Visual Flight Rules, also, often improperly used to mean the same as VFC or VMC
VFR-S - FLIP VFR Supplement (issued for ConUS area only)
VGSI - Visual Glide Slope Indicating System
VHF Very High Frequency (30 to 300 mHz)
VI - Virgin Islands (USPS abbreviation - see also VQ below)
via - by way of
VIP - Very Important Person
vis - visibility
VLF - Visual Low Frequency
VM - Vietnam (Indochina nation on W shore of S China Sea - bordered by China, Cambodia and Laos
VMC - Visual Meteorological Conditions
VOLMET - Meteorological Information for Aircraft in Flight
VOR - VHF Omnirange
VORTAC - VOR and TACAN Navigation Facilities - colocated/combined
VOT - VOR receiver testing facility
VQ - Virgin Islands (US territory in NE Caribbean - between Puerto Rico and Anguilla, St Marten and Saba islands)
VR - VFR Military Training Route
vrb - variable
vsp - vertical speed
V/STOL - Vertical and Short Take-Off and Landing aircraft
VT - Vermont (ConUS northeast state)
V/V - Verticaal Velocity

W Whiskey / William
W - Warning Area (followed by identifier), also, Watts, also West (direction), also White
WA - Namibia (S Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean - bordered by Angola, Caprivi Strip, Botswana and South Africa)
WA - Washington (ConUS northwest state)
WAC - World Aeronautical Chart
wbar - with bar lights (horizontal bar approach aids prior to and aligned with Runway)
Wbnd - Westbound
WDI - wind direction indicator
wdspr - widespread
Wed - Wednesday
WEF - With Effect From, also, Effective From
WEPS - Weapons
WF - Wallis Island and Futuna (French islands in S Pacific - approx 1565nm N by NE of New Zealand)
Wg - Wing
WGS - World Geodetic System
WI - Western Sahara (N Africa nation on Atlantic Ocean - bordered by Morocco, Algeria, and Mauritania)
WI - Wisconsin (ConUS east central state)
wi - within
wid - width
WIE - with immediate effect
win - winter
WIP - work in progress
wk - week
wkd - weekday
wkend - weekend
wkly - weekly
wng - warning
wo - without
WPM - Words per minute
WPT - waypoint (RNAV)
WQ - Wake Island (US North Pacific island - approx 2085nm W of Hawaii and 1935nm SE of Japan)
WS - Western Samoa (S Pacific islands nation - approx 1720nm NNE of New Zealand
wt - weight
W/T - Wireless Telegraphy
WV - West Virginia (ConUS northeast state)
wx or WX - weather
WxR - Weather Radar
WY - Wyoming (ConUS northwest state)
WZ - Swaziland (S Africa nation - bordered by S Africa and Mozambique_

X X-Ray
x -cross
xbar - crossbar

Y Yankee / Yoke
Y - Yellow
YCZ - yellow caution zone
yd - yard
YG - Yellow-Green Beacon
YM - Yemen (Middle East nation on Guld of Aden and Red Sea - bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman)
YO - Yugoslavia (Balkan nation on E shore of Adreiatic Sea - bordered by Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia)
yr - year
YT - Yukon Territory (Canada province between AK and NT E-W and Beaufort Sea & BC N-S)

Z Zulu / Zebra
Z - Greenwich Mean Time (time groups only), also, VHF Station Location [Fan] marker [usually with ILS]
ZA - Zambia (S Africa nation - bordered by Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, Mali, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Caprivi Strip, Angola and Zaire)
ZI - Zimbabwe (S Africa nation - bordered ny Zambia, Mozambique, S Africa and Botswana); also, ZI - Zone of Interior

و كذا انتهينا اذا في اي تحديث ان شاء الله ابلغكم فيه

أخوكم الكابتن

قديم 06-01-2009, 02:25 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 6 ]   
الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

شكرا على الموضوع كابتن ALZUGHIBI تستاهل 5/5

شكرا على المرور و التقيم
قديم 06-01-2009, 02:33 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 7 ]   
The Bomb
الصورة الرمزية The Bomb
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

شكرا على هاد الابداع اخي الزغبي....صراحة كنت بدور على موضوع متل هيك....اشكرك مرة اخرى

لك مني كل التحية

Mousa Mustafa

التوقيع The Bomb
من اول يوم وإنتا حبـيـبـي ولآخر عمري وإنتا الي...
قديم 06-01-2009, 02:35 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 8 ]   
الصورة الرمزية raghda84
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
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افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

شكراااااااااااااااااااااااا ياكابتن
بجد مشاركة رائعة جدااااااااا
في انتظار المزيد مما لديكم
تقبل مروري

التوقيع raghda84
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Abo Fahad
[[ كبار الشخصيات ]]
[[ HZ - AKE ]]
الصورة الرمزية Abo Fahad
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
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افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

ماشاء الله
موضوع رائع اخي كابتن ALZUGHIBI
تستاهل التقييم
تقبل مروري
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ابو طلال 12
الصورة الرمزية ابو طلال 12
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
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افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

الله يعطيك العافية يا كابتن على الموضوع الرائع
وننتضر جديدك

التوقيع ابو طلال 12
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
قديم 07-01-2009, 05:48 AM   رقم المشاركة : [ 11 ]   
SIM - OnLine
IVAO Emirates
الصورة الرمزية Saddam
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
تم شكره مرة واحدة في مشاركة واحدة
Saddam غير متواجد حالياً  

مشاهدة أوسمتي

إرسال رسالة عبر Skype إلى Saddam
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

مشكور كتير يا سفيرنا المتألق دوما ً

وتسلم على طرح الابجديه الكامله .

ربي يوفقك ان شاء الله

التوقيع Saddam
اللهم اجعلني خيراً مما يظنون ، ولا تؤاخذني بما يقولون ، واغفر لي ما لا يعلمون .. اللهم إني أعلم بنفسي منهم ، وأنت اعلم بنفسي مني ، وقد اثنوا بما أظهرته لهم ، فلا تفضحني بما سترته عنهم ، وكما أكرمتني في دنياي بعدم الفضيحة ،فاسترني في أخراي بجميل سترك يا منان ..

قديم 08-01-2009, 09:12 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 12 ]   
أبو عدي
درجة الضيافة
الصورة الرمزية أبو عدي
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تسلم على الأختصارات لاكن لا تقلي تتحفظ

التوقيع أبو عدي
ساهم معنا في دعم خط الطيران وتعرف على الترتيب من هنــا
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الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

شكرا على هاد الابداع اخي الزغبي....صراحة كنت بدور على موضوع متل هيك....اشكرك مرة اخرى

لك مني كل التحية

Mousa Mustafa

الحمد الله انها فدتك و ان شاء الله الجميع

شكرا على مرورك يا كابتن

أخوك الكابتن
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الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

شكراااااااااااااااااااااااا ياكابتن
بجد مشاركة رائعة جدااااااااا
في انتظار المزيد مما لديكم
تقبل مروري

شكرا على مرورك يا كابتن
ان شاء الله ناتيك بالجديد

أخوك الكابتن
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الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

ماشاء الله
موضوع رائع اخي كابتن ALZUGHIBI
تستاهل التقييم
تقبل مروري

شكرا على مرورك و تقيمك

أخوك الكابتن
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الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

الله يعطيك العافية يا كابتن على الموضوع الرائع
وننتضر جديدك

يعافيك يا كابتن
و شكرا على مرورك و ان شاء الله بالتوفيق يا كابتن

أخوك الكابتن
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الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

مشكور كتير يا سفيرنا المتألق دوما ً

وتسلم على طرح الابجديه الكامله .

ربي يوفقك ان شاء الله

حياك يا كابتنا
انت تامر امر يا كابتن

و اتمنى انها تفيدك و شكرا على المرور

أخوك الكابتن
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الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

تسلم على الأختصارات لاكن لا تقلي تتحفظ

شفت كيف الطيران صعب
لا يا كابتن ما تحفظ هذي الاختصارات كلها بس في منها المهم و في منها الغير
انا احاول بتنسيق مع الاداره تحديد او تلوين الاختصاات المهم

شكرا على مرورك يا كابتن

أخوك الكابتن
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][.. كبار الشخصيات ..][
الصورة الرمزية تاورجي
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
تم شكره 2 مرة في 2 مشاركة
تاورجي غير متواجد حالياً  
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

موضوع مميز بعد اذنك سنضع نسخة منه

في فهرسة مواضيع قسم المراقبة الجوية

جزاك الله خيراً

التوقيع تاورجي
ياقارئ خطي لا تبكي على موتــــي فاليوم أنا معك وغداً في التراب
و يا ماراً على قبري لا تعجب من أمري بالأمس كنت معك وغداً أنت معي
أمـــوت و يـبـقـى كـل مـا كـتـبـتـــه ذكــرى فيـاليت كـل من قـرأ خطـي دعالي
قديم 22-05-2009, 10:54 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 20 ]   
الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

موضوع مميز بعد اذنك سنضع نسخة منه

في فهرسة مواضيع قسم المراقبة الجوية

جزاك الله خيراً

الموضع و كاتبه حلالك
و شكرا على المرور و لي الفخر في ذلك

أخوك الكابتن
قديم 23-05-2009, 12:07 AM   رقم المشاركة : [ 21 ]   
ملازم طيار
درجة الضيافة
الصورة الرمزية ملازم طيار
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
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إرسال رسالة عبر مراسل MSN إلى ملازم طيار
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

يعطيك العافية اخوي وبصراحة مميز بالموضوع تقبل تحياتي وودي واحتراني ودمت بخير

التوقيع ملازم طيار
قديم 23-05-2009, 05:10 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 22 ]   
الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

يعطيك العافية اخوي وبصراحة مميز بالموضوع تقبل تحياتي وودي واحتراني ودمت بخير

مشكور على مرورك يا كابتن
ولي الشرف في حضورك في موضوعي

أخوك الكابتن
قديم 06-10-2009, 03:41 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 23 ]   
مساعد طيار
الصورة الرمزية wafai
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
تم شكره 9 مرة في 8 مشاركة
wafai غير متواجد حالياً  
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

بارك الله فيك اخى الكريم ومزيد من نهر المعرفة اطلعتنا عليه الف شكر
قديم 06-10-2009, 04:01 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 24 ]   
DraKe Bell
Global Gateway
الصورة الرمزية DraKe Bell
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
تم شكره 0 مرة في 0 مشاركة
DraKe Bell غير متواجد حالياً  
إرسال رسالة عبر مراسل Yahoo إلى DraKe Bell إرسال رسالة عبر Skype إلى DraKe Bell
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

يعطيك العافية كابتن
موضوع مميز

التوقيع DraKe Bell
قديم 29-10-2009, 06:22 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 25 ]   
الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

بارك الله فيك اخى الكريم ومزيد من نهر المعرفة اطلعتنا عليه الف شكر

حياك الله يا كابتن

أخوك الكابتن
قديم 29-10-2009, 06:23 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 26 ]   
الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

يعطيك العافية كابتن
موضوع مميز

يعافيك يا كابتن

أخوك الكابتن
قديم 05-11-2009, 10:35 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 27 ]   
الطيار الملحم
مساعد طيار
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
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مشكوور الله يعطيك العافية
قديم 07-11-2009, 12:28 AM   رقم المشاركة : [ 28 ]   
الصورة الرمزية ALZUGHIBI
افتراضي رد: جميع اختصارات الطيران من A to Z

مشكوور الله يعطيك العافية

يعافيك يا كابتن

خوك الكابتن
قديم 29-11-2009, 01:12 AM   رقم المشاركة : [ 29 ]   
عضو خط الطيران
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
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thx alot but iwant to ask is this signs incudin in the course of ticketing and reservation ??
قديم 29-11-2009, 07:11 PM   رقم المشاركة : [ 30 ]   
ك.أبو الندر
الصورة الرمزية ك.أبو الندر
مشاهدة ملفه الشخصي
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بصراحه موضوع يستحق التثبيت مما فيه اهميه كبيييره لعالم الطيران...وتسلم اخوي على هذا الموضوع المميز صراحه..وكل عام وانتم بخير...

التوقيع ك.أبو الندر
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